Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Module 6

This was an interesting exercise. It was fun to do but am not sure as to how this could be used for highger order thinking skills.......... Perhaps I need to explore more fully the application and think further on how it could be used in the classroom. My concern is that it will be used as a "gimicky tool" but I would love someone to prove me wrong!
Setting up the glog was easy and was fun looking at photos to upload.

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  1. Making good progress??!! I'll be keen to see how you use this new environment to develop you (and my!!) thinking. I find that I spend a lot of my time reflecting on how I use and learn with new technologies and then think about how I can use it to teach others!!

    A suggestion (if I may!). This post doesn't actually tell the casual reader what this was about. "glog" is the only clue. Perhaps think about linking from words link "glog" so that readers can easily expand on your thoughts.